Stoneface Teams Up with Sadat X to Lead the Blind (Music)

A classic case of the blind leading the blind to righteousness. However, there’s a twist. Philadelphia emcee Stoneface actually is blind. The result of a gunshot wound received while attempting to diffuse a volatile situation between a friend, and the assailant.

Although he lost physical sight, he managed to gain “in-sight”, as evidenced in his latest video for his recently released LP, “The Stone Age”, complete with a feature from the God Sadat X of Brand Nubian.

Tracks such as these are those that set the mathematics in motion for bringing the Gods and conscious messages back to mainstream Hip-Hop without losing the core audience of Boom Bap.

Amityville, Long Island producer (shout-out to my hometown! lol) BP the Neckbreaker provides the headnod for the emcees to lead the blind, deaf, and dumb to civilization.

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