Janelle Monáe Shows That There Is Another Side to Her on “Django Jane” (Music)

Janelle Monáe surprised hell out of me with this song. Wow! Who knew she had bars like this?

“Jane Bond, never Jane Doe and I Django, never Sambo / black and white, yeah that’s always beem my camo / it’s looking like y’all gon’ need some more ammo”

“Django Jane” is not the typical boom bap sound that we cover. But with a combination of both oomph and cadence in the flow, it was a must we shed light on Janelle’s new track featured on her “Dirty Computer” album — dropping April 27. Yes. We understand it’s a bit mainstream with small remnants of Drake’s word stretching, but you can’t deny the substance. It’s creative, fresh, witty and powerful. I really dig this joint because it’s pure “black girl magic” with dope visuals to match it (that rhymes). Even virgina has its own monologue in the video. lol Watch and see for yourself.