A Plus of Souls of Mischief Goes Head to Head with WRAP.fm (Interview)

One of the main anthems for 90’s Hip Hop was “93’ til Infinity” by the west coast legends Souls of Mischief of Hieroglyphics. Recently, our partners over at WRAP.fm got the chance to catch up with one of the founding MCs, and underrated producer, A Plus via a Facetime interview.

We’re excited about this interview because while Hieroglyhics and Souls of Mischief are well known in the Hip-Hop community, we still didn’t see a lot of interviews from them on a regular basis. He gives us an oral history of Hiero and the crew, and drops some much needed jewels about the state of Hip-Hop, while giving us some laughs along the way. Big up to A Plus and the Hieroglyphics crew!