Ty Farris Needs “No Co-Sign, Just Cocaine” (Interview)

Emerging Detroit rapper, Ty Farris, has created quite a buzz over the years. Starting out with a strong presence in the raw battle rap scene on 8 Mile, Ty has gained momentum amongst peers with piercing verses and hard-hitting delivery that blew the competition away. Setting the stage with victory after victory, the artist began to flourish. The transition from battle rapper to hip hop artist was inevitable. It was time for Ty Farris to put his music out for the masses.

In 2013, he released his first project “Rydah Music”. Shortly after his first album, he released “The Barcode (1 & 2)” mixtapes. Ty came back with a banger for Boom Bap fans with his “Room 39” album in 2017. Staying consistent with dropping music, he released the “Ramen Noodle Nights” project just a couple of months later.

I’ve had a few DJs point Ty Farris in my direction. And I must say, I see lots of potential in this artist. I appreciate the authenticity of his sound. And I guarentee, you will too.

“No Co-sign, Just Cocaine” dropped today! The first single off the project titled “Dirt Naps” is produced by none other than Stu Bangas. And the song has an enchanting beat that Ty blesses with a smooth yet gritty flow.

Scroll down and enjoy this exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Mr. Farris.

Ty Farris’ “No Co-Sign, Just Cocaine” — Cover Art

Who are your musical influences?

There’s a lot of them. I started listening to my uncle’s Ice Cube and Geto Boys tapes. Scarface probably has the most influence over my rhymes. I also learned a lot from Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes. But the actual technique was influenced by Wu-Tang when I first started to pen raps.

Tell us about your experience in the competitive rap battle scene in Detroit.

It was a gauntlet. I started my career battling. It was like a scene out of the 8 Mile movie. I was battling at the flea market on 8 Mile as I sold mixtapes. You got some of the BEST battle rappers ever from here. During my battle days you had names like Swann, Marv Won, Quest Mcody, X-Factor, Young Miles, Young Famous, and slew of others. All killers. It wasn’t as commercialized as it is now. Back then we would meet at a table, bet money, and battle. The OG’s would come watch and judge. Trick Trick, Big Proof, Elzhi, Denaun Porter, and others would fly into judge. Some footage of my battling days is still out there.


How long have you been rapping? What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

Been rapping seriously a decade and some change. I always liked music. It was an outlet for me to get away from the personal struggles I had growing up. But I thought I was gonna be a pro basketball player. I didn’t take music serious until two of my bestfriends got locked up. I was out here alone with no homies, just waking up doing nothing. My older cousin was doing music at the time working with some producers, and would come home spitting raps. I was like, “man, I can do that and hell, maybe better”. So I started to write raps, and the rest is history.

What’s your craziest experience in hip hop?

Ummmm. So many. I can’t pinpoint the craziest, but I can give you one that’s up there. Being on tour with D12 and Slum Village. We hit Houston and we was doing an after party. And they wanted us to go after an artist down there that worked with Big Hawk(RIP). And I Remember the crowd saying his raps word for word. He was just holding the mic. Now mind you, we was just the support act on tour with D12. Those people had no idea who we was and our music didn’t sound nothing like what some Houston folks wanted to hear. So we didn’t perform. Smart move. But it was crazy to see the crowd embrace a local act at the time like that. Never seen that before.

If you had a big rap battle, and could choose a team of hip hop artists (dead or alive), who would you select for the win?

Put me in a rap battle any day of the week against anybody. And Big Proof (RIP). Not even close. No one can freestyle better than him. I don’t care who it is — new school or old school. I witnessed his battles up close. He wasn’t normal with words. lol

What’s your creative process like when writing and recording? Any rituals?

My process is very intimate. I do everything alone. Me in my room with beats and energy drinks. Everything I released over the last 5 years has been done all by me — editing and mixing. I send it out to get mastered, but outside of that, it’s just me and the beats. The beat gotta talk to me in order for my pen to move. The beats tells me what to write.

What can we expect from your “No Co-Sign, Just Cocaine” album?

I wanted to put something out at the top of the year. Me and my homie Trox are working on the new “Room 39” project. But until then, I felt I needed to feed the people. I started recording this new project “No Co-Sign, Just Cocaine” December 23rd of last year. So a bulk of the songs were done within the last month. I also recorded 3 freestyles to give away for free on my Soundcloud. The title just came to me when I was thinking about how far I’ve come. I didn’t get help from any artists from my city. “No co-sign”. When I feel I should have got some looks, I didn’t. The “cocaine” is bars. Because it’s facts that if the dope is good, they will come. Streets or music industry. I got production from Bozack Morris, Rob Viktim, Crabskull, Stu Bangas, Dirty Diggs, and my in house producer J Bansky. No features this time.

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Weekly Rap Gods would like to thank Ty Farris for this interview. We know the best has yet to come from this artist. The proof of his mastery of rap skills is in the music. So scroll down, listen, and support a man who can stand his own ground in this competitive hip hop industry.



Ty Farris – Draw A Picture For Ya Brain (Produced By Rob Viktim)

Ty Farris Featuring Kid Vishis “Feel Nothing” Produced By Trox (Official Video)

Ty Farris – Prayer For The Competition (Produced By Thelonious Martin)

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