LR Blitzkrieg, Mr. Live & U.G. Are “In These Streets” (Music)

Let’s go! Here’s a new joint by my Brooklyn homie, LR Blitzkrieg, who’s back with his second single/video, “In These Streets”, featuring Underground hip hop vets, Mr. Live and U.G. (Cella Dwellas), off his forthcoming project, “Outta Nowhere” TBA.

The track bangs with hard-hitting production by U.G., and all three emcees handle the bars like popping wheelies on the latest motorbikes through Brooklyn’s streets. Mr. Live’s gruff voice weaves in and out of the beat looking Moses holding the ten commandments. lol

U.G. always kills it with his signature stop and go flow. And Blitz makes me laugh out loud when he stops the beat for a (go go) moment and then shouts, “Fuck outta here!”  bringing the beat and bars back strong. This joint definitely bangs. Y’all should check out video because it looks like they all had mad fun shooting this. And that’s what it’s all about. Salute to Mic Handz for the dope visuals as always.

The video is a mad dash through the streets of Brooklyn, as Blitz and his like-minded MC friends chase “Lil” and “Yung”, played by Qaasim and Khalil Middleton (of the group Juggernaut War Party, and of television’s The Get Down, The Naked Brothers Band and American Idol), to teach them a lesson on what real hip hop is.