ill Camille Will Forever “Fight On” Alongside Damani Nkosi & Preston Harris (Music)

Salute to one of the illest rappers I’ve heard in a while. I’m talking about none other than Los Angeles hip hop artist ill Camille. With musical inspirations like Stevie Wonder and Roy Ayers, it’s no wonder her latest project “Heirloom” has garnered glowing accolades for being a well thought out and executed body of work. With the premiere of her video for “Black Gold” in 2017, ill Camille has attracted the attention of the masses with her riveting style and lyrical prowess.

“Heirloom” is full of soulful beats, substance driven lyrics, and a smooth delivery that evokes emotions from her listeners. It’s refreshing to hear a project where the artist is sharing her life experiences and not just bragging on how great of a rapper he/she is. This is exactly the type of content I can respect. She is staying true to the culture by creating music to empower and uplift. Ill Camille is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on.

Recently, visuals dropped for ill Camille’s song “Fight On” featuring Damani Nkosi & Preston Harris, and of course I was inclined to listen to this song on a deeper level. The lyrics speak on the plights of a black woman trying to excel, despite being penalized for her skin color. The song motivates black women to “fight on” and follow their dreams with their heads held high in a world that tries to shame us because of the color of our skin and/or other physical attributes unique to us.

As a black woman , this song is touching and relatable. I must say, I am truly a fan of this young lady and her contribution to hip hop. Her music is endearing and powerful. And the images and messages in the video are what young black women need to aspire to be.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself.


Below find two extra videos — “Black Gold”, her first release off the “Heirloom” album, and a collaborative track with emerging singer, Marknoxx. This is a remarkable tribute for the legendary Nat King Cole titled “Love”. Let’s keep promoting positive energy in music.

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