Big Pun’s Son & Daughter Continue To Carry The Torch Of Their Father’s Legacy (Music)

February 7th marked the 18th anniversary of the death of legendary Bronx MC — Big Pun. Pun was the first Latin rapper to ever go platinum. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. “You Ain’t Banned” finds Pun’s son and daughter Star Rios and Chris Rivers trading verses over N.O.R.E’s classic “Banned From TV” and their father’s classic “You Ain’t A Killer” instrumentals.

Star sets it off with a choppy on beat/off beat flow over “Banned From TV”. Spitting lines like:

“I been hard before I got my period.” and “Papi had me fighting since I was walking out the playpen.”

The beat switches over to Pun’s classic “You Ain’t A Killer” with Chris Rivers dropping rapid fire bars to close out the tribute to their late great father. I’m sure Pun is smiling down that his offsprings are following his footsteps.

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