Maestro Fresh Wes & Ras Kass’ Message In “Mr. Evans” Are Just As Powerful As The Beat (Music)

First off, hip hop is not a sport. Only athletes retire. With that being said, Canadian Hip Hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes returns with the video Mr. Evans, the second single off of his eighth album entitled Coach Fresh. A play off of John Amos’s character James Evans from the classic 70’s sitcom Good Times, Wes and west coast legend Ras Kass trade bars over a sinister melody and hard hitting drums. They touch on topics such as subliminal messages, strengthening the black family, crooked politicians and the prison system making money off of inmates. And the song also plays on the death of James Evans with Cyndi Cain singing the now iconic line “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!” as the hook. Ras Kass ends the record with the lines,

“Tell us good times come when you die and go to heaven / tell that to Florida Evans…DAMN!”

The record is definitely reflecting the signs of the times we’re living in, as well as being creative. Wes even mentions how James’ character was killed off because of the image he portrayed as a black man supporting his family was too strong. If you want some substance in your musical diet, well this cut might be just what the doctor ordered.

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