A Night Of Lyric Jones’ “Lush Lux Life” (Music)

Lyric Jones returns with some brand new luxurious music titled “Lush Lux Life”. On this track, we get a dose of Lyric’s multi-talented songwriting skills as she blesses us with bars and a feel good melodic hook.

I’m the type who enjoys vibing to music in the car. And this is that type of joint I would play on my way to a club, while picking up my peoples along the way.

Simultaneously, Jones has a way of being hard as fuck with the bars but still smooth like butter with the delivery. She finesses the track with such an indelible feminine touch, you can almost catch a whiff of her perfume pushing through the speakers.

With cameos from Planet Asia, Tendaji Lathan, Monica Payne, and more, Lyric vividly daydreams of herself spending a night out on the town with her girls, all while living luxuriously; hence the track title of the track.

Lush Lux Life was produced by Mike S and is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and other streaming services. Watch video and stream track below:

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