St. Ivan The Terrible Drops “For Demo Purposes Only…” (Music)

St. Ivan the Terrible is a seasoned emcee hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop, The Bronx, who was once a rhyming partner to the late battle rapper extraordinaire PH aka Pumpkinhead (RIP). In his latest project, “For Demo Purposes…” hosted by DJ OneShotDeal, you can really hear the blood, sweat, and tears behind his voice and flow. With zero features and a collection of recognizable beats, you will really get a chance to delve into his story with a more up close and personal feel of who Mr. Terrible really is. With that said, this soloist emcee is on a mission to conquer the masses attention. And he will. Just listen for yourself.

We briefly chopped it up with Ivan and asked him about the idea behind his latest release. Here’s what he had to say about it:

St. Ivan the Terrible: Basically the idea for this project was to demonstrate my lyrical capabilities/prowess. If you see by the track listing, it’s very diverse. From the traditional “boom bap” style of tracks, to slower tempo, to mid tempo, to uptempo, etc. Each track calls for a different approach, which in turn called for different cadences, flows, deliveries, and writing techniques. I wanted to show my listeners and audience I am multifaceted and multi-talented, and my writing abilities are far beyond being one dimensional. The project is available now for FREE DOWNLOAD via datpiff and Soundcloud. I plan on making a few installments of this project as a series. Maybe possibly two to three more after this one. Currently I’m in the process of finalizing my first solo album, which will be available for purchase and streaming. I have other solo projects that I have released and other projects with the last group I worked with. You can find those projects on datpiff as well. Two of which were hosted by the Legendary DJ DooWop (Bounce Squad)


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