Kil Ripkin Introduces the “Chaos Effect” (Music)

Chaos Effect” is a sociological dose of boom-bap from Kil Ripkin. Delving into the personal, as well as the global level, the emcee/producer outlines the apathetic state that many of us feel watching the news and in our own lives.

This is the type of joint I would blast loudly in the morning, while sipping on a strong cup of Bustelo coffee, watching the morning news with the TV on low. It definitely makes you think about today’s current state of the world.

This is the first leak from the forthcoming full-length album, M.O.R. (Medulla Oblongata Rap), to be released on Torae’s (Barrel Brothers, Revolt TV, Sirius XM) Internal Affairs Records (in association with Soulspazm). Dropping on February 9th — this is Ripkin’s first full-length since his 2013’s, The Quickening 2: Acceleration. And he warns that it’s an anomaly within his catalogue.