Jamo Gang Is Serving Up 100 Proof Bars With Their New EP (Interview)

Ras Kass, El Gant, and J57 announced a year ago that they had formed a trio with the Irish whiskey inspired name in mind (Jameson) — Jamo Gang. They hit us with their first single, “Here We Go Again“. And now the Jamo Gang offers their latest video for “All Eyes On Us”, featuring Deejay Element of Brown Bag All-Stars, as the lead off to introduce their self titled EP.

The EP, Jamo Gang, has dropped January 30th with features from Shabaam Sahdeeq and Big Twins of Infamous Mobb, along with scratching and mixing from the legendary DJ Premier on a bonus track. This project is for those who enjoy witty lyricism with that hardcore boom bap style of beats provided by J57. I also would like to mention that El Gant is the owner of Avenida Tex-Mex Cantina/Mockingbird Bar, which is quickly becoming one of NYC’s bubbling nightspots where a lot of industry movers and shakers frequent, such as DJ Premier. You might even catch the legendary west coast emcee, Ras Kass, as a guest bartender serving you up some Jameson whiskey for real.

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Jamo Gang EP — Cover Art

Weekly Rap Gods: How did the group come together and come up with the name?

Ras Kass: Gant and 57 had been acquainted since 2004 from upstate. Gant and I shared the same management around the same time. We got tighter in the past 3-4 years while touring with Shabaam Sahdeeq and El da Sensei. About a year ago I flew into NYC and met up with El Gant at Method Man’s video shoot. 57 produced the single The Purple Tape so we all just chilled out as 57 offered some Jameson and suggested we record the next day. We went there and recorded 2 songs and the rest is history! I think I came up with the group name just because it’s how we bonded. lol

Weekly Rap Gods: Who are the members?

Ras Kass: J57 is the exclusive producer. El Gant & I rhyme for the most part.

Jamo Gang
Photo by Robert Adam Mayer aka Photo Rob

Weekly Rap Gods: How long did it take to come up with music after the group was formed?

Ras Kass: It was literally the first session. We have a natural chemistry. So the first song we ever recorded are actually on the EP

Weekly Rap Gods: What are the plans for touring?

Ras Kass: We are starting in the US doing some dates in March, and then we have a Canadian run scheduled the month after, and a European tour the month after that. Jamo is going everywhere!

Weekly Rap Gods: We were told that DJ Premier picked the first single. What’s his relationship with the group?

El GantPreem is a friend of mine. And I’m fortunate to get input from him regarding my career. Not to mention, Ras and J also have a relationship with him. He’s been a bit of a guiding hand, helping connect some dots, giving his critiques, etc. Very proud he believes in the project.

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Photo by Monifa Skerritt-Perry

Weekly Rap Gods: What are your favorite songs on the EP and overall concept?

El Gant: My personal favorite is Golden Era. The video will be out soon and features my nephew and J57’s step-son. What’s remarkable is that they are only 16 and 15 years old. And one helped produce the song, while the other helped come up with the concept for the video. It really bridges generations and eras, both musically and visually. We “bar out”, on some of these records but we’re also packing a message. Just wait till the full length!

Weekly Rap Gods: Who are the guest features and how did those come about?

J57: Our features consist of Big Twins, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Snak the RipperTwins came about because Razzy reached out to him. He has the absolute best voice possible to do a hook on that song. Shabaam has been a very good friend of all three of us for at least 10+ years, so he made a ton of sense on a record — plus he’s one of the greatest of all time. Snak the Ripper has been building with all three of us for the past year and change. Dude is insanely talented and his entire team consists of great people (shouts to Perry at Good Friday Entertainment) — plus his voice was the perfect puzzle piece for that song.

Weekly Rap Gods: What are the plans for your next solo?

J57: We’re finishing up the debut Jamo Gang LP, and then we’re going to shop that around to the 5+ labels that are interested. We’ll see what happens!

Weekly Rap Gods: And how can people see what the group has going on online? Twitter, Instagram, website, etc?

J57: Twitter: @RasKass@ElGant @J57 — Facebook.com/JamoGang — and Instagram: @JamoGang. Stay up with our socials for when we announce the link to our merch via our brand new online store!

JAMO GANG 1 By Robert Adam Mayer aka Photo Rob
Photo by Robert Adam Mayer aka Photo Rob



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