Gems From The Equinox: The Revisitation

Before we completely disregard the year 2017, let’s take a couple of minutes to reflect on a project that may have slipped your attention. This being the album Gems From the Equinox by Meyhem Lauren and the legendary DJ Muggs.

A lot of rappers claim that they are slept on or underrated on a daily basis. Majority of the time these statements hold no weight, have false premise and it ultimately remains to be seen if the audience ever “wakes up“. One rapper who, if ever said it, would probably not adhere to any repercussions. Queens, New York native Meyhem Lauren is probably more slept on than the recently popular My Pillow.


His classic ‘gangster lifestyle‘ flows remind you what New York hip hop is supposed to sound like. Expect to hear bars about extravagant lifestyles including high fashion, fine dining and of course, gun and drug talk. The lineup surrounding Meyhem is a strong one. Close homie of Action Bronson, it’s no surprise to see a few collaborations on the album. Fellow Outdoorsman, Action blesses his collabs with his usual cadence and congeals perfectly with Meyhem’s style and the vibe of the album. Besides Action, the lineup is tougher than amateur made beef jerky. Verses from heavy hitters Roc Marciano, Conway the Machine and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire leave a lasting impression. B-Real appears with Lauren and Action later in the album with a typically raw and rugged 16.

But low and behold, The most valuable player on this album? Without a doubt it is the legendary DJ Muggs (House of Pain, Cypress Hill). Understandably, this comes as no surprise. Neck snapping riffs and bass accompany flawless drums and samples. It’s that classic boom bap sound without being repetitive or generic. Lauren’s selection of beats from previous projects are solid but are pale in comparison to the talents of DJ Muggs.


So it comes to this. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to listen to people who say real hip hop is dead when this is the type of album being constructed in our modern era. Maybe the case is; you’re just not in tune with real hip hop and need to get familiar with the culture again. A good start to this idea? A healthy reintroduction to modern hip hop; Meyhem Lauren and DJ MuggsGems From the Equinox.

Check out the duo’s visuals and album stream below: