Blacastan & Smoovth’s “Dont Judge Me” Is A Stu Banga (Music)

Blacastan and Smoovth team up on this Stu Bangas track titled “Don’t Judge Me”. This is the type of joint I would rock in my truck loud, steering with one knee, while rolling a blunt (please don’t try this). Both lyricists are equipped with precise bars that slice through Stu’s beat like a hot knife through an ice cream cake. If this is what’s to come from Blacastan and Stu Bangas’ next installment of “Watson & Holmes“, I’m all in.

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2 thoughts on “Blacastan & Smoovth’s “Dont Judge Me” Is A Stu Banga (Music)

    1. That’s the beauty of it. Some songs aren’t for everyone. Some artists are harsh. And grim reality may not be your forte. But music is very subjective. So all opinions are welcomed. Salute!

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