Planet Asia Is “The Golden Buddha” (Interview)

Planet Asia just dropped his latest project today — “The Golden Buddha“. Spearheaded by his first singles, “Shots At Your Highness”, “Hood Legends“, and “Fireworks” in which he just released visuals for. It’s a definite boom bap banger with melodic undertones that sync perfectly with the project‘s title.

The Golden Buddha (Album Cover)

We caught up with Planet Asia and he shared some witty stories about his career. For those of you who don’t know, Planet Asia has been a part of the culture since a young age. He really started experimenting with the art of rapping through a few of his first groups: Nubian X, Third Element, Yard Massive, and Skhool Yard. At the age of 13, he already got a taste of the big stage by opening up for the iconic hip hop group, Cypress Hill. Planet Asia has been blessing the masses with albums for years. He has a plethora of projects. Here are a few of his earlier joints — “Still in Training” (2002), The Grand Opening (2004), The Sickness (2006). Not to mention his standout collaboration albums with some legendary producers like DJ Muggs, Madlib, Gensu Dean, DirtyDiggs, and the list goes on.

In 2016, he released multiple projects — “Seventy Nine“, “Asiatic Prince“, and “Egyptian Merchandise“. PA stays consistent with the drop and repeat format, releasing two more riveting hip hop projects the following year. “Dirty Planet” and the highly innovative “Anchovies” album produced entirely by Detroit’s own hip hop virtuoso, Apollo Brown. This album has earned accolades from ABC News as one of the 50 Best Albums in 2017. An honor well deserved.

ABC News - Top 50 Albums of 2017
ABC News – Top 2017 Albums

Weekly Rap Gods: Which coast impacted your sound the most?

Planet Asia: I’m from the rap coast — Fresno, California. I’m a Jedi. My rap style isn’t defined by any particular coast. My upbringing and different point of views makes me the MC I am today. My dialect is derived from the music that influenced me most as a youth. Don’t label me East Coast or West Coast. I prefer to be referred to as 80s & 90s hip hop. Regardless of where I grew up, I’ll still be that ill nigga.

Weekly Rap Gods: Who are your musical influences?

Planet Asia: Hip Hop artists in the mid 80s and 90s. I embraced the hip hop culture at an early age. When I was 9, I attended my first concert — The Fresh Fest. I saw acts like Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Doug E Fresh , Whodini, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and Timex Social Club. That era influenced me.

Weekly Rap Gods: What’s your creative process like when making music?

Planet Asia: I’ve been rhyming since I was 10. It’s nothing out of the norm. It’s a simple process. The beat comes on and I just go off the top of my head. It comes naturally when you’ve been doing it for so long.

Photo Credit: Terrell Kelley Porter

Weekly Rap Gods: What was the highlight of your career?

Planet Asia: When I went on tour with Jungle Brothers in London, that was it for me. It was an amazing experience. Coming from where I come from to performing overseas was a big deal. The crowd reaction to the music was dope.

Weekly Rap Gods: What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop?

Planet Asia: I love it! It’s an even playing field for artists. I think the media is playing the old school rappers against young rappers. I listen to it all. There’s room for all types of rap. If you get in a car with me, you might hear some ratchet shit you would never expect me to play.  I remember me and all my friends could quote the movie The Mack. So when rappers like Too Short and MC Eiht came out, it definitely had an impact on the type of music I listened to. I respect all types of rap.

Planet Asia’s style is definitely unique. He is quite the trendsetter. Aside from rapping, he also collaborates with a few fashion outlets that sell high end hip hop apparel.

Photo Credit: Terrell Kelley Porter

Weekly Rap Gods: Tell us about your style.

Planet Asia: I’ve always been a fashion forward person. My grandmother used make sure I dressed in the best gear. Always fresh. I like to be different and wear clothes that are fly and match my personality. I try to change it up.

Weekly Rap Gods: How did you come up with the concept for “The Golden Buddha“?

Planet Asia: I feel like I am The Golden Buddha. I feel like people will understand me better when I’m not here. People didn’t truly understand Buddha until after he wasn’t here anymore. Then his message sunk in. I used to sit in my backyard and meditate when I was 7 years old. I would sit there for hours. Now I still meditate, but it’s on a deeper level. The album is just what I represent as an individual being reflected in my music.

Weekly Rap Gods: What should we expect to see from Planet Asia in 2018?

Planet Asia: Mansa Musa drops in Spring 2018. I look forward to doing shows and traveling. I have some great things in the works I’m not at liberty to discuss.

Here’s one for the books. On January 20th, Vibehub presents Planet Asia as the very first Volumetric Performance. What a powermove! VibeHub is the first crypto-based virtual reality company that captures lessons and performances in real time and converts them into virtual holograms. Planet Asia is taking hip hop to the next level with this remarkable collaboration with groundbreaking technology. Here’s a few visuals to help you gain a better understanding:

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We enter the future on the 20th!! Check it out!!!

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Planet Asia’s versatility and longevity shows why he continues to thrive in this competitive hip hop game. As a polished veteran, he still delivers refreshing rhymes over rugged beats which compliment his style and transcends expectations so effortlessly. He embodies the passion, style and talent that keeps fans engrossed worldwide.

Weekly Rap Gods gives gratitude to Planet Asia for his continuous contributions to hip hop!