Choppin’ It Up With PF Cuttin (Interview + Exclusive Mix)

Legendary PF Cuttin is still killing the game. There’s no doubt about it. First hittin’ the scene with dynamic group Blahzay Blahzay (members DJ PF Cuttin and Outloud) who set trails on blaze when they released their debut album Blah Blah Blah in 1996. When hip hop anthem “Danger” hit the scene it was an instant classic, which helped solidify a spot on the Billboard Hot 100.


PF Cuttin is still reppin’ for the culture as a revered DJ/Producer and radio host of the popular East NY Radio. By creating authentic hip hop and outlets for other artists, PF Cuttin has earned the “Hip Hop Legend” title with his mind blowing production and impeccable DJ skills. We had the honor of chopping it up with him, and this is what he had to say:

Weekly Rap Gods: Who are some of your musical influences?

PF Cuttin: My dad was a big musical influence. I always used to hear him play the bongos, the guitar and singing in the crib. As for hip hop music, i would have to say Daddy-O from Stetsasonic. At a young age, I got to see him in the studio creating some incredible shit!

Weekly Rap Gods: How did you and Outloud come together to form Blahzay Blahzay?

PF Cuttin: We were just childhood friends who loved hip hop music.

Outloud & PF Cuttin on E. New York Ave, Brooklyn

Weekly Rap Gods: There were a lot of rumors about this back in the days. Was “Danger” a shot at the West Coast?

PF Cuttin: Not at all. It was just meant to be a Brooklyn anthem that took off.

Weekly Rap Gods: What was your first favorite hip hop album and why?

PF Cuttin: I would have to say Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet“. The production, that sound was just incredible.

Weekly Rap Gods: Who would you love to collaborate with?

PF Cuttin: Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Eminem, Drake and Rihanna.

PF “Cuttin” It Up

Weekly Rap Gods: What’s your creative process like as a hip hip producer?

PF Cuttin: I look for sounds I like on records or whatever that sounds dope. Create, compose, create then mix.

Weekly Rap Gods: What inspired you to start EastNYRadio?

PF Cuttin: EastNYRadio originally was a comeback for me to the mixtape (cd) game back in ’07 that turned into an online hip hop show with me, Millz Murda & Sean P. (RIP). You can catch it every Thursday on USTREAM channel EASTNYRADIO from 8-10pm, and also on WKCR 89.9 fm Friday morning at 1-3am — once a month for now.

PF Cuttin, O.C., Truth the MC, Outloud, and the Crew

Weekly Rap Gods: Name your Top 5 MCs.

PF Cuttin: Outloud, Sean P., O.C., Masta Killa and Rustee Juxx.

Weekly Rap Gods: What are your thoughts on the current state of hip hop?

PF Cuttin: It is what it is. Me being a DJ, I have to play a lot of music I could do without. But at the same time, it serves its purpose.

Weekly Rap Gods: What upcoming projects do you have in the works? When do they drop? Who are the featured artists?

PF Cuttin: I’ve got this banging album with O.C. called “O.P.M.“. It should be dropping in April — CD, tapes and vinyl. Labba got a banging new album called the “Fat Hova“, which I mixed and produced some joints on there as well. That will be out soon. Truth the MC got his sophomore album called “Fight For Survival” that I mixed, mastered and produced some joints on there as well. The project features Tragedy, Royal Flush and few others. Super dope. I’ve got this new artist I’m working with called Mikey from Brooklyn. He’s pretty dope. So look out for him. Of course, me and Outloud got some new Blahzay Blahzay that’s about to drop as well.

PF Cuttin On Da Wheelz

We are truly honored for PF Cuttin’s insight and continued success in the industry. We at Weekly Rap Gods pay homage to all the elements of hip hop, especially individuals like PF Cuttin who represent the culture wholeheartedly. The DJ and the producer are a vital part of hip hop’s lifeline.

PF Cuttin has excelled at mastering his craft and maintaining a strong and consistent presence in hip hop. The fans can’t wait to hear his upcoming projects for 2018. In the meantime, check out the dope mix PF created exclusively for Weekly Rap Gods below.

PF Cuttin, you are greatly appreciated. And Weekly Rap Gods salutes you always.


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