Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown Team Up on “The Brown Tape” (Music)

“The Brown Tape” is the ultimate result when veteran Detroit producer Apollo Brown gets full access to a bevy of Ghostface Killah’s acapella recordings. This was done during the time Adrian Younge created the now classic “Twelve Reasons To Die”, hence Apollo’s work served as an alternate album of some sort. Cinematic and nasty; this is Hip-Hop at its rawest.

Narrated by The RZA, this is Ghostface Killah’s brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 most powerful crime lords in the world. The Deluca’s pressed Tony’s remains into 12 vinyl records — one for each member of the family. But little did they know he would return…

This project is a daring, full-length Crime/Horror concept album. Executive Producer and Ghostface Killah’s longtime Wu-Tang Clan collaborator, The RZA refers to the album as “groundbreaking”.