A3’s “Nice Guy” Finishes First (Music)

The Renaissance Music LLC affiliate drops his latest release and video for “Nice Guy”.

Throughout the track, “A3” faces the many challenges of every male that tries to show that “chivalry is not dead” in the age of Mumble Rap, Molly, and questions the women of today — Why can’t you accept me for who I am / A nice guy that always finish last?” And why they “choose the men that seem to pretend?”

An interesting question indeed!

The sonic soundboard to Nice Guy compliments A3’s vocals as he succinctly blows through the verses like the horns on the track. Vying for the affections of a beautiful woman, while she continually rebuffs his advances because he’s not her “type”, as A3 pleads his case — only to have his words fall on deaf ears.

“Do I have to act like an a**, just to get some a**?” (We hope not!) is a question only the women can answer. We all know that relationships are a complexity that for years have befuddled the wisest minds. But with A3’s contribution however, the doors of dialogue will be open to search for an answer to this all elusive question.

Stay tuned…


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