The Privilege Of Being Black

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So, I, like many others have heard the rambunctious ramblings of “Everyone’s Favorite Asshole” — Charlamagne tha God from Power 105.1’s the Breakfast Club. He lives up to the title, especially after making Lil Mama cry during a previous episode. So when it was announced that he was writing a book and promoted (ad nauseam) it’s release during the show, I was skeptical.

But while on a monthly trip to the local Barnes and Noble, “Black Privilege” was on sale. And staying true to supporting the “Buy A Book Challenge”, I thought it was the perfect choice — along with Prodigy’s autobiography “The Infamous” (We’ll review that later on). And without further delay, I present my review for “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”.

From the “dirt roads” of Moncks Corner to the big lights and big city of New York, Charlamagne takes his readers from his humble beginnings to being 1/3 of one of the most highly rated syndicated radio shows in the nation to how we too can attain our dreams.


There was nothing miraculous to his story, which makes his story that much more tangible. There was no old money, inside connect or even luck involved that got Charlamagne where he is today. His message is simple. “Believe in Yourself” and “Hustle”. He presents his blueprint for success in “8 Principles”. Each principle presents a story from his start as a certified “nerd” to beatings from his cousins for being a smart kid, until he abandoned his “fanny packs” and “Judy Blume books”, and becoming a “drug dealer” influenced by the raps of Mobb Deep all to gain acceptance from his thuggish cousins.

Charlamagne doesn’t mince words, and stays true to the Charlamagne formula that works on the show. He provides details from experiences that he’s previously mentioned, such as his “4 firings” from radio station gigs, and his relationship with Wendy Williams. And not so mentioned but equally important stories, such as the life changing advice he received from Dr. Evans.

Charlamagne’s book is an inspiring, motivating and funny edict of empowerment. The perfect book to finish off the remainder of the year, while planning a positive mindset for the coming new year.

A highly recommended read!