THE REDUX of Prince Paul (Interview)

Image by Lanero Hill

Legendary hip hop producer Prince Paul has always had a unique style and vibe that’s unparalleled. We asked about his musical influences and he told WRG,

“My musical influences vary. If you want to go old-school, Parliament Funkadelic would be a huge one. Marvin Gaye would be a big influence as well. As for Hip Hop production, it would be The Bomb Squad and Rick Rubin. Record collection-wise, it would probably be Afrika Bambaataa. But a lot of stuff I hear, I get influenced from.”

He has produced for great hip hop artists like Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace and MC Lyte. He truly made his mark producing De La Soul’s “3 Feet High and Rising”, released in 1989. Prince Paul changed  hip hop when he introduced witty skits on albums that raised the bar on a creativity level for hip hop albums. He is best known for being a founding member of the iconic group Stetsasonic, with members Frukwan, Daddy-O, Wise, MC Delite, DBC and Bobby Simmons. Prince Paul was also a member of the dynamic Horrorcore supergroup, Gravediggaz alongside RZA, Frukwan and Poetic (R.I.P). When Prince Paul was asked whether he would create another Gravediggaz or Stetasonic project, he told WRG,

“No upcoming projects with either group, but it would be nice to go on the road with them. We have been doing a few Stetsasonic shows recently. Anything with the Gravediggaz without Poetic feels kind of weird with me. But if we found the right person, I might reconsider.”

The return of the Gravediggaz would be epic! The energetic presence and prowess Poetic brought to the table would truly be hard to replace and is greatly missed.

Prince Paul is currently scoring and working on a new music project that will be released next year. When asked what direction he thought hip hop was heading in, he responded,

“Unfortunately, I have no idea what I think the direction will be. I didn’t have any idea it would be in the direction it’s in now. If I did have that crystal ball to see the future of hip-hop, I would be using it right now and beat everybody to the punch.”

Prince Paul doesn’t need that crystal ball because his sound was always ahead of his time. His refreshing, eccentric and innovative approach to hip hop is a major contribution to the culture, and helps to elevate the game.

When asked about if there were any new projects out right now, he responded,

“Right now I have a project called “THE REDUX” that’s available on Bandcamp and on my SoundCloud. All you have to do is look up “DJ Prince Paul”, and you should be able to find it. I think it’s really, really good. Other than that, I’m doing some scoring and working on a few things that will come out next year that I’m not privy to talk about just now. But I do have a lot of cool things in the works.”

In efforts to always master his craft, PP revamped his album “Politics of the Business” released in 2003 to give fresh perspective to his art form. “THE REDUX” features amazing hip hop artists like RZA, MF Doom, Jean Grae, Planet Asia, Bumpy Knuckles, Masta Ace, De La Soul and even outstanding vocals from the late great Guru (R.I.P). Revisiting this project was definitely a good look! “The Redux” is a phenomenal project, which consists of 18 power-packed tracks hip hop lovers will truly gravitate towards.

Usually, musicians have a slew of artists they’d love to work with. When we asked PP if there are any artists out he’d want to collaborate with, he replies,

“Not really. The ones that I would love to collaborate with are probably dead. But I do appreciate a lot of artists as they are — without my production. If anything, I would enjoy watching them work in the studio.”

We would like to thank Prince Paul for his contribution to the culture, and his time in sharing his insight with us at Weekly Rap Gods. Prince Paul is a true hip hop legend and a visionary with a style surpassed by none. We look forward to hearing more from this musical genius!