Jeru the Damaja & Psycho Les are The Funky Pandas (Music)

Jeru & Psycho (The Beatnuts) have joined forces to become a supergroup the Hip Hop world is anticipating to hear. Say hello to The Funky Pandas and their alter egos Black Panda (Jeru) & Dr. Love Panda (Psycho Les).

Let me cut to the chase cause time is running out. These Rap Gods have started a Kickstarter campaign for their all new project, “Certified Bamboo”. And they need our help! With a goal set at $50k, they are currently at the $16k mark. And the deadline to reach their goal is on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 7:35 AM, EST.

Because our love for Hip Hop runs deep, we had to make a pledge for these two legends. And we’re hoping you will too.Whether large or small, every pledge counts. For example, a $5 pledge will get you a personalized video shoutout by The Pandas themselves. So just imagine what a few dollars more will get you!

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