Termanology & Slaine’s “Anti-Hero” Will Make You Root For The Bad Guy (Music)


Slaine Vs Termanology Anti Hero Final Album Artwork
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It seems almost daily I have discussions on the state of Hip-Hop, or who’s hot and who’s not. And like a lifesaver thrown to a survivor of a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean, there comes an LP like ANTI-HERO, to reassure me that the culture is alive and well, and we as vanguards have nothing to fear, as far as the preservation of the culture is concerned.

14 tracks birthed by emcees SLAINE and TERMANOLOGY, with guest lacings by the likes of DJ Revolution on “Some Other Sh*t”, and all-time greats Bun B of UGK and Everlast of House of Pain on “ANTI-HERO”, move this project like bi-coastal locomotives over hot tracks.
In the age of streams and fickle fans, ANTI-HERO is a throwback to the age of cassette tapes and trunk-rattling speakers.

“Bringin’ Much Terror” is a certified banger! The late Big Punisher’s son Chris Rivers spits that no-nonsense Bronx bullsh*t effortlessly over a track that pays homage to the crew TERROR SQUAD, which his Father demolished tracks with. Hook provided by Brooklyn King — Big Daddy Kane.

Production-wise, there is no shortage of craft-masters as DJ Premier, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Statik Selektah, The BeatnutsPsycho Les, and DC The Midi Alien all deliver stellar tracks for each emcee to catch wreck.

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Slaine vs. Termanology – “Land Of The Lost”

Slaine vs. Termanology – “Anti Hero” ft. Bun B & Everlast [prod. by DJ Premier]