Reak, Veteran French Emcee, Drops The “ROC” (Music)

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REAK has been a pioneer in the French rap scene since 1986. Member of the legendary French group, NTM, then of one of the fieriest and most innovative Rap band in France — PSYKOPAT.

He is back on the scene with his debut project “ROC” since he got his start in the game. To shed some light on his person, Reak actually started off as a graf artist, a dancer while also developing his rapping skill. Blending the 3 hip-hop elements together really got him to a solid start as he worked behind the scenes (as a B-boy) with the legendary French group NTM before he moved to the frontline as an emcee.

His debut “ROC“, which stands for “REAK + ODWEEYNE + COLTER” is a ten track body of work that sees the emcee in his element over hard body cinematic backdrops and intense lyricism to match. Need I say more, hit the play button and soak in some good old hard-hitting French hip-hop.




REAK – “Tellement d’Homicides

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