Eff Yoo Flips the Script On “Spicaso” (Album)

NY emcee Eff Yoo teams up with Toronto producer Kurse for a 6 track EP titled “Spicaso”, which dropped today. The project is short and devoid of appearances as Eff Yoo tackles each beat all by his lonesome. He kicks off with “Saturday Night Special” which exudes cinematic vibes and Eff proceeds to drop off kilter lyrics with reckless abandon:

“Nike Hi D, made of Ostrich feet/ It’s hard not to see the model on the opposite seat/ I parked my flying saucer on the opposite street/the glove box is a cacophony of parking receipts”

Snuff Film Noir” sees Eff in full pimp mode with the graphic imagery. He stays away from any sort of chorus and only takes a short pause for the listener to digest his off the cuff lyrics. The 3rd track “Spic Flair” is a slight homage to the legendary Ric Flair and Eff continues his lyrical assault on any thing in his perimeter. The track ends with a vocal snippet of Mr. Flair styling on his audience. “Spicaso Speaks” is a telephone interlude between Eff and Kurse going back and forth about the type of music they planned on making. The last 2 tracks “Stranger Things” and “Silk Shirts & Fast Hands” are back to back hard hitting joints with nothing but straight up lyricism over Kurse’s dark, cinematic soundscapes.

With just 6 tracks, “Spicaso” is pretty much self explanatory — dope rhymes over hard beats. Their aim is to deliver the dopest, uncut, raw hip hop, and I must say “Spicaso” is exactly just that.


BIO: After first getting his start in New York’s Hip-Hop scene, while performing at legendary venues such as Wetlands and Nuyorican Poets Café, the Peruvian native, Eff Yoo, sharpened his craft through street cyphers as well as the now infamous, Rikers Island Battles, all while being employed by the now defunct, Rawkus Records. Through these experiences, Eff gained the necessary knowledge and connections necessary to navigate throughout the industry, eventually gaining affiliation to the super group, Broken Home, as well as Brooklyn’s notorious, Lo-Life Crew. Artistically, Eff credits his influence to rappers such as Nas, MF DOOM, Hector Lavoe and even the likes of Radiohead, Bob Dylan, and Sade; all of which allow him to stand apart from most of the street rappers of today’s era.


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