Scram Jones Is Pushing For A Better Tomorrow With “Today”

From breakdancer to deejay to producer to emcee, Grammy nominated Scram Jones has consciously traveled down the different avenues of these Hip Hop streets.

In his new self-produced track, “Today”, he lyrically reports about every issue under the sun — from our government, to the effects of technology in this day and age, to these new age rappers, etc. Scram unapologetically walks you through all that is relevant in our present world; almost as if he was injected with a dose of “TruthSerum” (title to his forthcoming album).

Breakaway Bars:

[Today] Somebody’s fighting for their life, somebody’s sitting in a dark cell wishing someone writes,
[Today] Kids don’t gotta write; they type, they judge life on likes, and like to mumble on mics…

Check out the visuals to Scram’s powerful message below:


Scram Jones: Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Soundcloud • YouTube • Website


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