A Minus & DaG Tap Nolan the Ninja for “Money & Fame” (Music)

Detroit emcee A Minus is the perfect embodiment of a mixture of an introspective artist well on their path to making their mark, and a wordsmith who masterfully crafts each line with patience and attention to detail. Throughout his career, A Minus has fastly amassed strong co signs from his fellow Detroiters Guilty SimpsonPhat KatHouse Shoes and Marvwon.

A Minus’s career has been making great strides having completed a brand new project with fellow Michigan producer DaG, the forthcoming EP “Get Mama Rich”. DaG is known for producing for Young RJBJ The Chicago Kid, Supakaine, and others. Producer DaG is the perfect match with smoky samples that serve as the perfect backdrop for Minus’s dynamic flow. This is none more evident than on the first single from the EP “Money & Fame” featuring frequent collaborator Nolan The Ninja. Throughout the song, A Minus and Nolan wax poetically about their ups and downs, their aspirations, and exactly why these two feel their places in the rap world should be firmly planted. The EP is due for release 10/27 available on all digital platforms via Left Of Center.

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